.Purchase List.

I have decided to make a list of the things that I "need" to purchase for my next semester in College. Being in your first year of College you find out what you need and don't need to make living there more comfortable, and easier. Here is what I found that I need for next semester:

*Mini Fridge (there is never enough space in the one we all share.)
*Electric Blanket (my room mate this semester kept shutting off the heat and opening the window all the time. even in the MINNESOTA WINTERS! She's crazy. And I'm always cold. Ask my boyfriend!)
*Retro Ice Bag (ziploc baggies are too expensive to use as an ice pack.)
*Filing Cabinet (to keep all of your handed back papers, assignments, important finance documents from the school, etc. plus it give you room to put books and such in the book shelf they give you and gives you another surface to put things on!)
*Adhesive removable hooks or over the door hooks (to hang stuff up, they never give you enough room)
*Foam Mattress Pad (I have a very thin mattress pad and I would love to have a very thick one)
*Bed Risers (In my old apartment  you could lift the bed by adjusting it on the frame, but my new apartment bed frame doesn't have that and I'm keeping the same apartment so I'm going to need these to lift my bad and make more room for storage)
*Wallflower Refills (in need to keep room smelling nice since candles are not allowed.)

Well that is all that I can think of for my apartment for now. If you have any suggestions, product reviews, or opinions feel free to comment. It's gladly welcomed :)

<3 Jeska